Copy Cat Cool: Eva Longoria in Classic White and Navy

For a bit of fun towards the end of the work week, we’ll show you how to twist a trendy outfit into a totally appropriate office stunner.

We loved Eva Longoria’s look in this picture, and knew we needed to put our spin on the classic navy and white combination.  See below for our office interpretation of Eva’s outfit.

Copy Cat Cool - Eva Longoria
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2 thoughts on “Copy Cat Cool: Eva Longoria in Classic White and Navy

    1. Dear Copy Cat What?, The link to the original picture is mentioned in the article. Have you got trouble displaying it? If so, try this link:,,20715561,00.html#21358573

      We have recently been made aware that even if it is in the scope of Polyvore Sets which link to the original source, just using someone else’s pictures on our site could infringe on someone’s rights. So until our legal counsel gives us the green light, we decided to only post links. As we are a non-revenue blog, we cannot afford licenses for celebrity pictures and hope this doesn’t cause you too great of an inconvenience. In any case, we hope you continue to enjoy the posts and sincerely thank you for your feedback. We hope you continue to be active on the blog even if we cannot resolve this issue to your satisfaction for now.


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