Transition Your Graphic Prints To Fall: Just Add Cognac

A graphic print blouse is perfect, for both summer and fall. And sadly, here in central Europe the air already has a distinctly crisp feel. The sunlight is less bright and just a touch more golden and the crickets have stopped their song. All surefire signs that fall is fast on its way.

But while we’re sad to see summer go, there is lots to looks forward to. Fall is by far our favorite fashion season with its layers, jewel tones, rich cognac leathers and cozy scarves. So look below to see how we’d style this graphic print blouse this fall.

For the office, we’d  recommend navy ankle pants and a cardigan to create a nice neutral base. Cognac leather accessories feel decadent and are sumptuous enough to create a different dimension, yet neutral enough to leave room for more color.  We like this brightly colored satchel in fuchsia. With that much of a pop of color, just make sure the satchel is nice and structured. Round off the outfit with delicate gold jewelry.

Since fall is the perfect season for visiting other cities (your friends are back from vacation, the sights are less crowded and the weather is nice for lots of walking), we like to take the bus to a different city right after work on Fridays. That means we need our office outfit to transition into a comfortable commute ensemble but still be chic enough to either take us straight to dinner/a bar or to save space, function as a day outfit for the weekend.

Therefore, we complemented the blouse and cardigan with a cognac leather skirt and some incredibly comfortable ankle boots. Layer on a scarf for extra warmth on the bus and your walk. If it’s too cold for bare legs, pack some taupe or beige wool tights. Packing tip: Save space and just use a differently colored scarf and white shirt the next day to create a new, space saving outfit.

Desk til Dawn

J.Crew button down top,$75 / Halogen short skirt, $228 / Joules joule navy pants, ca. $35 / Kork-Ease kork ease ankle boots, $185 / Corso Como Pumps via , $129 / ASOS satchel handbag, $51 / Tiffany Chou gold jewelry, $152 via / K/LLER COLLECTION bangle bracelet, $133 via / Faliero Sarti  Red Scarf, $238 / Brooks Brothers cognac belt, $198 / Allude d pink scarf, $148 / Maurizio Pecoraro oblong scarve (green), $105 / Scarve, $109 via / Stella Mccartney Sarah Blouse, $110 via
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