MBA Mondays: Should Women Still Apply to Harvard?

According to this NY Times article – which lit up the Twitter-sphere and  flooded my minifeed last week – until recently – Harvard Business School provided a detrimental environment to its female students from non-wealthy backgrounds. What’s more, this article from a few days later, argued that it really was the behavior of a wealthy elite that made things uncomfortable. Oh good, I thought, that’ll make the average non-wealthy female applicant feel much more comfortable. It’s really not your gender – it’s your lack of wealth.


While I’m not going to effectively cover the entire content of the article in a short blog post, it got me thinking and I’d love to hear from readers about this:

- Are gender issues important to women when choosing a business school?
– Were these articles surprising to you?
– What were the most important factors when applying to school?

Actually, about that last one, how about a little poll but feel free to go into more detail in the comments? Anonymous posters are welcome for this post. Multiple choices (up to five) also welcome.

Struggling with applications? Not sure what to wear to on-campus recruitment events? Drowning in homework? Just need to vent? Is the ROI of an MBA worth it? If you’re anything like us, you’ll have lots of question surrounding the MBA. So on Mondays we’ll discuss anything and everything surrounding the MBA program.

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3 thoughts on “MBA Mondays: Should Women Still Apply to Harvard?

    1. That was one of my fears before deciding on a program as well, so since I am neither that factored into my decision on a program. In the end, I think I found a top-rated program that is very inclusive: INSEAD.


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