euro moments offers style finds & odd moments from one girl’s life on the road.

come along and follow the journey.


if you’re looking for boardroombelles.com, you came to the right place. but as life constantly changes, so has the topic of this site. after three wonderful years with boardroombelles, it was time to make some changes that better reflect my current lifestyle.

if you’re looking for old boardroombelles posts, you can use the search function. you may just find what you were after :)


if you’re in a pickle and you’re looking for some guidance on either

corporate dressing, decluttering your closet, capsule wardrobes or packing light for a (business) trip

i do offer individual consults, so send me an email or leave me a comment if you would like some help.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I really love this site. You gals are doing a really great job of capturing what’s young and current yet what’s reasonably affordable and really professional looking. Great job. I look forward to more posts. Maybe you can add things like job tips, ideas on how to advance, certifications and such that help get us to the next level. Great blog to booster women. We all need to stick together. Love it!!!


  2. Thanks so much Lisa, we appreciate the feedback and support. Is there any specific question you have about how to advance, certifications or getting to the next level? We’d love to tailor a post specifically to your questions. Maybe tell us a bit about your background so we can provide better info. Send us your question to boardroombelles@googlemail.com or just ask away here.


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